William C. Vis Moot 2011 – Day Trips to Baden (Austria) & Bratislava (Slovakia)

One of the many great things about Europe is that there is no end of places to go and sites to see:

Baden is famous for its sulfuric hot springs. The air is infused with a sour sulfer smell, laced with the scent of sweet clover (odd but not unpleasant). This photo was taken in the hills behind the city.

Some billy goats having a tussle in Baaahhh-den.


Nick striking a pose


Bradislava is about 1.5 hours by train from Vienna. This picture was taken from a castle overlooking the historic city center.


Yet on the other side of the Danube, things are not as attractive. The Soviet influence is obvious.


The palace guards are wearing sunglasses!


Sitting on the patio at a great little restaurant hidden in the old city. The look I am giving the camera is one of someone who has had way too much to eat.


A view of Bradislavas historic city center.



This was an attempt at...some sort of artistic endeavor...not really sure that it succeeded but, hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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