Willem C. Vis Moot 2011

Another year, another moot, another beauttiful spring in Vienna. This year’s dispute involves the sale of squid: a claimant made a purchase of squid from a respondent for the purpose of selling it for use as bait.  The squid was ‘unsized” and, consequently, was too small to be used for its intended purpose.  No doubt, the ‘in’ joke will be that “size does matter”. Arbitration is conducted under the Milan Rules; procedural issues pertain to the jurisdiction of the arbitral council to appointment of the arbitral chair and confidentiality.

Yes, we actually do read the memoranda in advance of the rounds.

Nick soaking up the sun and keeping me company while I prep for the Saturday round between San Paolo and Harvard.

Advocats - thats us!


We went to the Do & Co - a bar in the modern cylindrical building across from the Stephansdome. The view was incredible, and wasabi nuts are on the house, although I cant stand the things.



Evening at the Ost Club. Their version of "Smirnoff Ice" used to be "Eristoff Ice" but they have now moved to "Becks Ice". Not bad...for a girly drink.


The best Irish Pub in Vienna - "Bockshorn Irish Pub" (Viennas oldest Irish pub), located at Naglergasse 6, 1010 Vienna, Austria. If you happen to visit, say hi to Chris for us.


Thats me diligently reading memoranda at the Juridicum in the early morning hours in preparation for an 8.30 round. Good Pam.


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