2010 Willem C. Vis Moot – Day 6 in Pictures

From left to right, Ms. Louise Barrington, Mr. Tau Jingzhou and Dr. Beata Gessel-Kalinowska vel Kalisz.

Unfortunately, the picture is blurry...Louise carries about 50 USB flash drives with her when she travels...its a virtual office! Ah, the life of an international commercial arbitrator.

Alex Gordon, left, a Harvard alumni...I try not to hold it against him. After all, his team was tragically defeated by ours back in 2005 before a panel that included Martin Hunter... not that I'm the sort of person to keep track of that sort of thing and incessantly bring it up every time I run into him.

My little sis came all the way from from Norway to visit me in Austria and grab a beer with me.

The University of Ottawa went up against the University of Denver in the Elimination Rounds. Attached is a clip of Ottawa’s presentation on the merits for claimant:

The top 64 teams gather on the top floor of the Juridicum at 9:30 p.m. to hear the winners of the first 32 of 64 teams to perform in the elimination rounds. The remainder of the top 64 will be heard tomorrow morning.

Anthony Daimsis, Coach of the University of Ottawa's moot team, and his team await the results of the first elimination round.

I am so annoyed that this picture is blurry!!! Arrrg!


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