17th Willem C. Vis Moot – Day 2 in Pictures

My first arbitration round was at 8.30 am on Saturday, April 27, 2010:  University of Groningen (Netherlands) v. George Washington University (USA). The round was held at the University of Vienna’s Law School, the Juridicum:

The Juridicum, located at Schottenbastei 10-16.

Milling around outside of the Juridicum

Registration is held on the Juridicum's top floor ("DG") accompanied by the all-important coffee stations.

Following arbitration of the first round, we met with the oralists in the Juridicum to give feedback. My co-arbitrators were Dr. Petra Butler (sitting to my right - she was last year's coach of the 2009 winning team, the University of Wellington) and Dr. Chi Manjiao from China (not pictured).

Team shot - Gronigen and G. Washington

Walking back to my apartment from the Juridicum - live music

Scenes from the market

Pretzels anyone?

Whar a boar!

Beret Sale! Only in Europe...


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