And the Winner is….

OTTAWA! Congratulations! All the hard work paid off. This success was well deserved.

Willem C. Vis Moot 2011 – Top 2 Teams

Ottawa and. Montevideo!!!!! Wow!!!

Willem C. Vis Moot – 2011 Pics


Some Memorable Moot Moments



Willem C. Vis Moot 2011 – Top 4

The top 4 teams are as follow

Ottawa v. Hamburg
Montevideo v. St. Johns

Congrats to all!!!!!

Willem C. Vis Moot 2011 – Top 8 Teams

Hamburg v. Munich

Ottawa v. College of Law of England and Wales

University of Belgrade v. Montevideo

St. John’s v. Sydney

Willem C. Vis Moot 2011 – Top 16 Teams

The rounds will take place at 2:00 p.m. (Wed April 20, 2011)

  1. Belgrade v. West Bengal
  2. Carlos III v. Hamburg
  3. St. John v. Tubigen
  4. Munich v. NALSAR
  5. College Law England Wales v. Nat. Law School India
  6. Victoria U of Wellington v. Ottawa
  7. Montevideo v. Bocconi
  8. Sydney v. American

Willem C. Vis Moot 2011 – Top 32 Teams

  1. Belgrade v. Lincoln’s Inn
  2. Stetson v. Montevideo
  3. Bocconi v. UniCuritiba
  4. Tubingen v. Heidelberg
  5. Georgia v. St. John
  6. American v. Rutgers
  7. Wuhan v. Sydney
  8. NALSAR v. Harvard
  9. McGill v. Munich
  10. Carlos III v. Fribourg
  11. Hamburg v. Hanover
  12. College of Law England & Wales v. Nat. Law School Jodhpur
  13. Nat. Law School India v. Queen Mary
  14. Ottawa v. Brooklyn
  15. Florida v. University of Wellington
  16. West Bengal v. Singapore

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